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Teak Deck Treatment

NCoat Repair

NCoat Repair is a uniquely designed cleaner that's formulated to clean deep into the woods pores to return teak - grayed and soiled from dirt, mold, mildew, and algae back to its original warm color. NCoat Repair gives you the effect of  having sanded your woodwork without the effort, cost, and degradation of the wood.

NCoat Color

NCoat Color deepens the natural color of the wood, protecting it from UV damage and helping wood hold its natural color. NCoat Color and NCoat Protect can be used on new wood, freshly sanded surfaces, or surfaces that have just been treated with NCoat Repair.

NCoat Protect

NCoat Protect is at treatment that works on wood surfaces like Scotchguard® works on fabric.  NCoat Protect penetrates the wood and bonds with the cells of the wood. Sealing the surface of the wood from dirt and water without creating a new slippery surface.  NCoat Protect leaves wood extremely water repellent.